Glory-Cloud Podcast: 082 – Interview with Pastor Gregory Reynolds

          Current subscribers: This week Chris interviews Pastor Gregory Reynolds about his book The Word is Worth A Thousand Pictures: Preaching in the Electronic Age.  First we talk about the book itself.  Next we talk media ecology and why it is important.  We even have a short discussion about postmodernism.  Finally

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 081 – Kingdom Prologue B Ch 3 – The Flood

          Current subscribers: This week we talk about the Flood.  First we talk about literary parallels to the creation account.  Next we talk about thematic parallels to the creation account.  Finally we talk about the difference between penal judgment and redemptive judgment.  Let us know what you think! Show Notes: Give

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 078 – Kingdom Prologue B Ch 2 – The sons of the gods

          Current subscribers: Kings after Lamech sure had a pretty high opinion of themselves!  First we focus on that troublesome passage about “the sons of the gods” and the women they took as wives.  Next, we talk about the “giborim” and what that really means.  Finally we talk about the fulfillment