Glory-Cloud Podcast: 095 – Kingdom Prologue B Pt 2 Ch 3 – Typology and Problems with Dispensationalism

            Current subscribers: Meredith Kline was very critical of Dispensationalism.  This week, Todd and Chris discuss Dispensationalism compared with covenant theology or biblical theology.  First, we talk about how Dispensationalists interpret the Bible.  Next, we talk about how Dispensationalists understand types and their fulfillment.  Finally, we talk about how Dispensationalism

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 088 – Kingdom Prologue B Pt 2 Ch 2 – Babel and Pentecost

          Current subscribers: Todd and Chris return to Kingdom Prologue this week.  First we survey the kingdoms of this world in the pre-fall, post-fall, and Israelite contexts.  Next, we talk about the genealogy in Genesis 10.  Finally we talk about the Babel episode in Genesis 11 and its reversal at Pentecost.