Glory-Cloud Podcast: 119 – Glory In Our Midst Ch. 6 Part 1 – Flying Things

          Current subscribers: We begin Zechariah’s sixth night vision.  First, we talk about the judgment that is coming in the winged imagery.  Next, we talk about how this vision reverses the 10th plague and the Exodus.  Finally, we talk about the ancient near eastern image of the winged woman. Show Notes:

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 116 – Glory In Our Midst Ch. 5 Part 2 – Son and Spirit

Current subscribers: We continue on in Zechariah’s fifth night vision.  First, we talk about Christ being anointed with the Spirit.  Next, we talk about the unilateral origin of covenants.  We also talk about how God must approve or commission a king to build the temple.  Finally, we talk about other temple-building examples from the OT.