Glory-Cloud Podcast: 058 – Kingdom Prologue P1 Ch. 2 Consecration & Death

            We probably should have named this episode: Bacon!  Or, peanut butter and chocolate.  But, in this episode, we talk about consecration.  Furthermore, we talk about animal death before the fall.  Most noteworthy, we answer arguments against the idea of animal death before the fall.  We forgot to mention Lee’s

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 057 – Kingdom Prologue P1 Ch. 2 Kingdom & Theocracy

            We continue through Kingdom Prologue.  First, we talk about the Kingdom of God.  Furthermore, we talk about theocracy. Most noteworthy, we talk about how unique theocracy is.   Show Notes:   Give us a 5-star rating on iTunes!  (Click “View in iTunes” and “Ratings and Reviews”) Kingdom Prologue by

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 053 – Kingdom Prologue P1 Sect. A – God the Alpha-Author

Due to our enthusiasm for Kingdom Prologue, we press on!  First of all, we talk about God, the Alpha-Author.  Furthermore, we talk about the distinction between God as the creator, and everything else as the creation.  Most noteworthy, we talk about how the ancient pagan myths are a garbled copy of the truth.   Show

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 052 – Kingdom Prologue Part 1 Section A

          This week we continue with Kingdom Prologue.  First of all, we begin with Part 1, Section A.  Furthermore, we talk about the structure of Genesis.  Most noteworthy, we talk about the idea that creation itself was covenantal.   Show Notes:   Give us a 5-star rating on iTunes!  (Click “View

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 051 – Introduction to Kingdom Prologue

          Due to the demands of life, Lee and Chris needed a break.  However, we’re back from our break!  Furthermore, this episode begins our next series.  As a result, we will now be going through Meredith Kline’s major work: Kingdom Prologue.  Therefore, please subscribe and tell your friends about the show!

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 049 – Justification and Union With Christ

              The elephant in the room is often the tension that exists between Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia (East) and Westminster Seminary California (West).  That tension centers around the relationship between two doctrines: union with Christ, and justification.  Listen in as Lee and Chris discuss this in a way