Glory-Cloud Podcast: 186 – Old Testament Survey – Song of Songs

          Current subscribers: We are joined by Miles Van Pelt today to talk about the Song of Songs.  Miles is an excellent resource for understanding this book that often be intimidating.  We hope you benefit from this as much as we did! Show Notes: Give us a 5-star rating on Apple

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 185 – Old Testament Survey – Ecclesiastes

          Current subscribers: This week is related to the theme of suffering in the book of Job from last week.  Ecclesiastes is wisdom for living in a fallen world.  The fallenness of the world means that death makes everything seem vain and futile.  Listen in as we discuss this wonderful book!

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 184 – Old Testament Survey – Job

          Current subscribers: Job is definitely about suffering.  But why does Job suffer?  In this episode, we use Meredith Kline’s contribution about Job in the Wycliffe Bible Commentary to connect Job’s suffering to what has come before in redemptive history - and what will come after.  We hope you find this

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 183 – Old Testament Survey – Ruth 4

          Current subscribers: With this chapter, we wrap up the book of Ruth.  If you have thought about this book as a love story about Ruth and Boaz, you probably won’t expect what we talk about.  We still have unfinished business with Naomi.  Listen in as we talk about how to

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 182 – Old Testament Survey – Ruth 3

          Current subscribers: Ruth chapter three gets a little bit uncomfortable.  Naomi devises a sinful scheme, but Ruth redeems the situation.  Problems get solved, but new problems emerge.  Listen in as we talk about how God is revealing the person and work of Christ in the real, historical people in this

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 181 – Old Testament Survey – Ruth 2

          Current subscribers: We continue on with Ruth chapter two, this week.  The drama builds, because this is where Ruth and Boaz meet.  But is this a Hallmark love story?  Or is something else going on?  What does this story about Ruth gathering barley in Boaz’s field, mean?  Please listen, subscribe,

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 180 – Old Testament Survey – Ruth 1

          Current subscribers: This week we are going to slow down as we begin the book of Ruth.  We are going to take it chapter by chapter.  This week we look at the story of Naomi as she left Israel, and as she returns.  Here, you really start to see how

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 179 – Old Testament Survey – Joshua & Judges

          Current subscribers: This week we look for Christ in the books of Joshua and Judges. First, we consider major themes in each book.  Second, we consider how the New Testament interprets these book.  Finally, we consider some important implications of the text. Please listen, subscribe, and tell others who need

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 178 – Old Testament Survey – Deuteronomy

          Current subscribers: We discuss Deuteronomy this week.  First we start with the structure of the book.  There are fascinating parallels between ancient near eastern treaties, and Deuteronomy.  Next, we look at the distinction between law and gospel in Deuteronomy.  Finally, we look at New Testament interpretations of the Law.  Please

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 177 – Old Testament Survey – Leviticus

          Current subscribers: We are discussing Leviticus this week.  First, we do spend some time on the tabernacle from Exodus, since that is a vital theme in biblical theology.  But there is plenty to see of Christ in Leviticus.  Please listen, subscribe, and tell others who need to hear this! Show