Glory-Cloud Podcast: Bonus Episode – Ruth 1 Sermons

            Current subscribers: Since we miscalculated the material we had planned and the weeks ahead of us, we decided to use a sermon that Chris preached in New Zealand for this episode.  The sermon is on Ruth 1.  Hopefully Meredith Kline’s biblical-theological method will be noticeable in both the content

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 099 – Comments on an Old-New Error (Theonomy)

            Current subscribers: Another article is up this week: Comments on an Old-New Error.  First we talk about theonomy and typology.  Then we talk about theonomy and postmillennialism.  Finally, we talk about theonomy and common grace with special attention given to the missionary task of the Church. Show Notes: Give

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 098 – Covenant Theology Under Attack

            Current subscribers: This week we talk about Kline’s article, Covenant Theology Under Attack.  First, we discuss Kline’s critique of Daniel Fuller.  Fuller denied the idea that God ever related to people on the basis of works.  Fuller also argued that human obedience could not add to God’s glory.  He appealed

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 095 – Kingdom Prologue B Pt 2 Ch 3 – Typology and Problems with Dispensationalism

            Current subscribers: Meredith Kline was very critical of Dispensationalism.  This week, Todd and Chris discuss Dispensationalism compared with covenant theology or biblical theology.  First, we talk about how Dispensationalists interpret the Bible.  Next, we talk about how Dispensationalists understand types and their fulfillment.  Finally, we talk about how Dispensationalism