Glory-Cloud Podcast: 069 – Kingdom Prologue – Ch 5 – Judgment Day

          Current subscribers: Due to technical difficulties, there is a change in plans.  This week’s episode is Meredith Kline himself discussing the material from chapter 5, section 2 of Kingdom Prologue, entitled “Judgment Day.”  First, there is a recap of Kline’s exegesis of Genesis 3:8.  Next, Kline discusses the interrogation of

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 068 – Kingdom Prologue – Ch 5 – Temptation & Fall

          Current subscribers: In this episode, Lee and Chris discuss the temptation and fall of Adam and Eve.  First, we begin by looking at the serpent and the devil’s use of that other creature.  Next, we look at the sins of omission of both Adam and Eve.  Finally, we appreciate Kline’s

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 066 – Kingdom Prologue – Ch 4 – Law & Gospel, Works & Grace

          Current subscribers: Subscribe in a reader If you appreciate Meredith Kline’s theology, this is a must-listen episode.  He always talked about law and gospel, works and grace.  Because this is so closely tied to justification, he would look for opportunities to work these things into lectures and conversations.  So take