Glory-Cloud Podcast: 163 – Meredith Kline Applied – Work

          Current subscribers: Everyone is interested in work because just about everyone has to work.  What should you do for work?  Why should you work?  What is the purpose of work?  These are just some of the questions we consider in this episode.  Please listen, tell others, and let us know

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 161 – Meredith Kline Applied – Marriage

          Current subscribers: This week we consider what Meredith Kline’s approach to the New Covenant helps us to understand about Christian marriage.  We look at classic texts like Ephesians 5.  We hope this is encouraging and helpful.  Please listen, tell others, and let us know what you think! Show Notes: Give

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 160 – Meredith Kline Applied – Women & Church Leadership

          Current subscribers: This week we take Meredith Kline’s courageous willingness to follow the biblical text wherever it goes, and we look 1 Timothy 2:11-13.  We consider most of the questions that have arisen because of this text.  Is the answer egalitarianism?  Complementarianism?  Hopefully this is helpful for both men and