Glory-Cloud Podcast: 190 – Old Testament Survey – Jonah

          Current subscribers: This week we talk about the book of Jonah.  You won’t get moralism here.  The point of the book is too important for that.  Jesus’ words in the Gospels about Jonah are our major interpretive lens.  Listen in as we find Christ in this book of the minor

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 189 – Old Testament Survey – Esther

          Current subscribers: This week Todd and Chris turn to the book of Esther.  Todd really has some great insight into the book since he grew up Jewish.  How do we understand this book that never mentions God?  Is God still there?  What about his promises?  What does God’s apparent absence

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 188 – Old Testament Survey – Proverbs

          Current subscribers: This week Todd and I discuss the book of Proverbs.  What is the point of wisdom literature like this?  It was given during the typological covenant of works with Israel.  So is it law?  Listen in as we talk about finding Christ in this important book of the

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 187 – Old Testament Survey – Psalms

          Current subscribers: Todd and I are back this week.  We are picking up our walk through the Old Testament with the book of Psalms.  Of course, the main thing we can learn from Meredith Kline about Psalms is that they proclaim Christ.  Listen in as we discuss this important book

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 186 – Old Testament Survey – Song of Songs

          Current subscribers: We are joined by Miles Van Pelt today to talk about the Song of Songs.  Miles is an excellent resource for understanding this book that often be intimidating.  We hope you benefit from this as much as we did! Show Notes: Give us a 5-star rating on Apple

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 185 – Old Testament Survey – Ecclesiastes

          Current subscribers: This week is related to the theme of suffering in the book of Job from last week.  Ecclesiastes is wisdom for living in a fallen world.  The fallenness of the world means that death makes everything seem vain and futile.  Listen in as we discuss this wonderful book!

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 184 – Old Testament Survey – Job

          Current subscribers: Job is definitely about suffering.  But why does Job suffer?  In this episode, we use Meredith Kline’s contribution about Job in the Wycliffe Bible Commentary to connect Job’s suffering to what has come before in redemptive history - and what will come after.  We hope you find this

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 183 – Old Testament Survey – Ruth 4

          Current subscribers: With this chapter, we wrap up the book of Ruth.  If you have thought about this book as a love story about Ruth and Boaz, you probably won’t expect what we talk about.  We still have unfinished business with Naomi.  Listen in as we talk about how to

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 182 – Old Testament Survey – Ruth 3

          Current subscribers: Ruth chapter three gets a little bit uncomfortable.  Naomi devises a sinful scheme, but Ruth redeems the situation.  Problems get solved, but new problems emerge.  Listen in as we talk about how God is revealing the person and work of Christ in the real, historical people in this

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 181 – Old Testament Survey – Ruth 2

          Current subscribers: We continue on with Ruth chapter two, this week.  The drama builds, because this is where Ruth and Boaz meet.  But is this a Hallmark love story?  Or is something else going on?  What does this story about Ruth gathering barley in Boaz’s field, mean?  Please listen, subscribe,