Glory-Cloud Podcast: 146 – God, Heaven & Har Magedon Ch. 13 – The Sabbath

          Current subscribers: This week Todd and Chris discuss Kline’s most mature exegesis regarding the Sabbath.  First, we talk about the connection between the Sabbath and Judgment Day.  Next, we talk about the symbol of the Sabbath.  After that, we talk about the idea of “The Lord’s Day.”  Finally, we talk

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 143 – God, Heaven & Har Magedon Ch. 11c – The Millennium

          Current subscribers: If you started out your Christian life in churches like Todd and Chris did, you probably got a heavy dose of dispensational premillennialism.  In this episode, we compare and contrast premillennialism, postmillennialism, and amillennialism.  First we talk about the way the Old Testament prophets talked about the millennial