Only one week into our new series where we work through By Oath Consigned, and we’re already taking a break – but we think you’ll understand why.  We are excited to have the opportunity to interview Jonathan Kline about his grandfather’s commentary – Genesis: A New Commentary – which was just recently published by Hendrickson Publishers.  He has insight into this commentary that no one else will have.  Also – notice how easy it is for him to rattle off the Hebrew – almost as if it were his first language.  That definitely seems to be a trait of the Klines.  Have a listen, and be sure to get a copy of the commentary as well as all of the other exciting resources listed in the show notes!

Show Notes:

Genesis chapters 1 – 15

“Divine Kingship and Genesis 6:1-4”

Divine Kingship and Genesis 6:1-4 Audio

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