Lee and Chris have one more week off.  But we are bringing you another lecture by Meredith Kline.  This one is from March 25th 1999.  It seemed appropriate for that time of the year that we especially tend to think about the future.  Of course Meredith Kline is talking about that ultimate future in which we will dwell with God thanks to everything he accomplished for us in the person and work of his Son Jesus Christ.


Show Notes:



Culture is subservient to cult

Image of God

Blessing sanction came to expression in the Sabbath

Tree of Life

Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Tree of Life reserved for beyond probation

Tree of Life is sacramental

Blessing sanctions symbolized (Tree of Life, Sabbath)

Curse sanctions verbalized (in the day you eat of it, you will surely die)

Only options are heaven and hell

Resurrection of the righteous and the wicked

The final state is an embodied experience

Common curse

Physical death is a temporary experience

How blessing sanctions would have worked their way out

Probation phase and conferral phase

Conferral phase: confirmation stage and consummation stage

Probation phase has a cultic focus

After the probation would have been cultural fullness

Armageddon or Har-magedon

Judgment would have been the starting point of human history

“Slay the dragon” was the probation phase

City of God – Megapolis would have been man’s cultural endeavor

The Holy Spirit would have glorified man and the city to be Metapolis upon a successful probation.  Only God can produce the beyond-city or Meta-city

Mountain of God – focus of Eden was a thrust outward to achieve the fullness of what the Lord had in mind.

Upper register has existed the entire time – heaven is God’s achievement – not the result of human achievement.  Change of man’s perceptive capability.

Glorification takes us beyond our technology

Being like Christ will be the ultimate culture

Covenant of works

The knowledge of good and evil is a judicial function

Two Adams

2 Samuel 14:17, 20

1 Kings 3:9, 28

Genesis 3:15


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