Glory-Cloud Podcast: 024 – Kline’s Definition of Grace

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Glory-Cloud Podcast: 024 – Kline’s Definition of Grace

In response to question on the Meredith Kline Facebook page, as well as criticisms in the book Merit and Moses, Lee and Chris discuss Meredith Kline’s biblical-theological understanding of grace and its relationship to merit.  If you appreciate this, please take a moment to give us a five-star rating on iTunes.


Show Notes:


Sola Gratia

Catechism of the Catholic Church §2010

Unmerited favor

Demerited favor

Ephesians 2:8-9

Genesis 1:31

Kingdom Prologue, pp. 112 – 114

Romans 4:4-5

By Oath Consigned, p. 36

Romans 11:5-6

Norman Shepherd

Federal Vision

New Perspectives on Paul

E.P. Sanders

Covenantal nomism

Galatians 3:10

Deuteronomy 27

Galatians 4:4

Galatians 1


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