As we head into our break, we were grateful that Rev. David Inks had time to talk to us about the exegetical work that he has done in the book of Job and the sermons that have come out of that.  Listen in and be encouraged by the accomplishment of your faithful savior, Jesus Christ on your behalf.


Show Notes:


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Calvin’s Kline by David Inks

Romans 2:13

Leviticus 18:5

Romans 10

Republication: A Biblical, Confessional & Historical Defense – Mark Collingridge & Brett McNeill

Psalm 22

Sermon 1 – Love God and Use Things OR Use God and Love Things by David Inks(YouTube)

Sermon 2 – Stripped to the Core by David Inks (YouTube)

Sermon 3 – Suffering and Glory in Job by David Inks (YouTube)

Sermon 4 – Your Worst Life Now by David Inks (YouTube)

Sermon 5 – Wrestling With Wisdom by David Inks (YouTube)

Sermon 6 – Wrestling from Silver to Gold by David Inks (YouTube)

Sermon 7 – Job, the Rock of Fire Tested Righteousness by David Inks (YouTube)

Sermon 8 – Job’s Covenant Contract Inked by David Inks (YouTube)

Sermon 9 – Searching and Waiting for Wisdom by David Inks (YouTube)

Sermon 10 – Elihu, the Forerunner by David Inks (YouTube)

Sermon 11 – The Forerunner Finishes: God’s Aseity and Sovereignty by David Inks (YouTube)

Sermon 12 – The Saga of Job: The Search for Illusive Wisdom by David Inks (YouTube)

David Inks’ Job Sermon Series on iTunes

The Literary Structure of the Old Testament by David A. Dorsey

The Book of Job by Norman C. Habel

The Wycliffe Bible Commentary, Edited by Charles F. Pfeiffer and Everett F. Harrison

Trial By Ordeal by Meredith G. Kline

Conflict and Triumph by William Henry Green

Now My Eyes Have Seen You by Robert Fyall

1 Chronicles – Job, Edited by Tremper Longman III, David Garland, Frederick Mabie, et al


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