This week we are joined by Kerry Baldwin.  She is an independent researcher who is doing some important work.  First, we explore the impact that Meredith Kline has had on her thinking about gender.  Next, we talk about the debate between complementarianism and egalitarianism.  Finally, we discuss abortion.

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The Tale of Two Adams by Chris Caughey 

Dare to Think and Flashes of Liberty podcasts with Kerry Baldwin

1 John 4:1

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Covenant Theology Under Attack by Meredith Kline

Covenant Theology Under Attack audio

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Biblical Foundations for Manhood & Womanhood, Edited by Wayne Grudem & Bruce A. Ware

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Images of the Spirit by Meredith G. Kline

Lex Talionis and the Human Fetus by Meredith Kline

How the Pro-life Movement is Aborting a Pro-life Era

The Christian Feminist View of Abortion

Scars Across Humanity by Eliane Storkey

The State in the New Testament by Oscar Cull-man 


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