Show Notes:

Kingdom Prologue pages 96 – 101

Kingdom Prologue pages 157 – 158

Images of the Spirit page 20

Glory in Our Midst

Zechariah 4:2ff

Treaty of the Great King page 23

By Oath Consigned

Westminster Theological Journal “Law Covenant” 1964

Law Covenant Audio

Galatians 3:18

God, Heaven, and Har Magedon

Kingdom Prologue 138 – 142

Kingdom Prologue 292 – 355 “The Kingdom Promised in the Abrahamic Covenant”

Genesis 13

Youtube playlist of Pentateuch lectures

Kingdom Prologue 155 – 160

Genesis 9

“Comments On an Old-New Error”

Comments On An Old-New Error Audio

Critique of Frame and Poythress

Critique Of Frame And Poythress Audio

Journal of Church and State – 2 articles

Critique of Dispensationalism

Kline’s Critique Of Dispensationalism Audio

Two Adams

Kline’s Two Adams Audio


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