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This week we talk about Kline’s article, Covenant Theology Under Attack.  First, we discuss Kline’s critique of Daniel Fuller.  Fuller denied the idea that God ever related to people on the basis of works.  Fuller also argued that human obedience could not add to God’s glory.  He appealed to Luke 17:10.  Fuller also used a comparison of God’s being to Adam’s being to argue that any reward God would give Adam would be worth far more than Adam’s obedience.  Next, Kline critiqued John Murray because Murray restricted the definition of covenant to grace alone.  Finally, Kline critiqued Norman Shepherd because Shepherd followed Murray’s covenant theology to its logical conclusion.  Shepherd denied the imputation of the active obedience of Christ to believers.

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1. Covenant Theology Under Attack (censored version)

2. Covenant Theology Under Attack (uncensored version)

3. Covenant Theology Under Attack (audio)

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Luke 17:10

Romans 5:14

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Genesis 3

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Collected Writings of John Murray Volume 2

Westminster Confession of Faith 19:1

The Imputation of Adam’s Sin by John Murray

Desiring God by John Piper

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