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Glory-Cloud Podcast: 051 – Introduction to Kingdom Prologue






Due to the demands of life, Lee and Chris needed a break.  However, we’re back from our break!  Furthermore, this episode begins our next series.  As a result, we will now be going through Meredith Kline’s major work: Kingdom Prologue.  Therefore, please subscribe and tell your friends about the show!


Show Notes:


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Kingdom Prologue by Meredith G. Kline


Exodus 23




Genesis 15:18

Deuteronomy 5:2

Jeremiah 34:18-19

Due to John Murray’s definition of covenant, Kline spends a few pages defining covenant

2 Kings 13:23

Genesis 3:15

Joshua 24

Hebrews 8

Hosea 6:7

Dr. Byron Curtis on Hosea 6:7 from Episode 39 is especially relevant

2 Samuel 7

Psalm 132

Biblical Theology by Geerhardus Vos



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  1. Johnny Rinehold October 29, 2018 at 12:27 am

    Just discovered this website. I’ve read all of Kline’s book … some twice. I’ve also read a few of his papers. FYI, I did my graduate work in Horticulture & never have attended anything resembling a Bible college nor seminary. Also, I’m 72. That said, I’m a Kline fan, but I’m not reformed as defined by Michael Allen at RTS. I enjoy reading reformed authors. I’m going to listen to all your podcasts. Once I finish this one on Kingdom Prologue, I’ll go back and listen to the podcast on By Oath Consigned.

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